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Avoid paying extra for paper bills

Companies may be charging you a fee to cover the costs of printing and posting your bill – but there may be a way you can avoid the charge.

Well winter safety tips

As the temperature drops, products designed to keep you warm like heaters, electric blankets, hot water bottles and heat packs are coming out of storage or being purchased. Follow our safety tips to keep you well this winter.

Year in Review

The ‘ACL Year in Review 2017-18′ report is now available. This report, produced each year, describes the key policy, education, compliance and enforcement activities undertaken by Commonwealth and State and Territory consumer agencies, who work co-operatively to help improve outcomes for consumers across Australia.

Grocery Unit Pricing Review

The Government is reviewing the Retail Grocery Industry (Unit Pricing) Code of Conduct (the Code). The Code requires certain grocery retailers to use unit pricing when selling particular grocery items to consumers in addition to the selling price.

Unit pricing allows consumers to compare between different brands and sizes of grocery items using common units of measure.

The Government will assess the effectiveness of the Code through the consultation and, if appropriate, remake the Code before its scheduled sunset date.

If you would like to contribute to the review or complete a short consumer survey please visit the consultation page.